Monday, 26 March 2012


My new goodies came today in the mail! i have been ordering my makeup from
and my god its cheap!
I have been crushing on the make up brand Stila.

Stila was founded by make up artist Jeanine Lobell who is famous for her artistry in music videos (so you know her makeup is going to stay on your face no matter what), her cosmetics also come in cute eco friendly packaging.
Jeanine Lobell

and below some of her awesome work!

i loveeee her contouring 

Any who, i received my Stila waterproof eyeliner pen in black and Stila waterproof eyebrow pen in for blonde brows, these awesome purchases look like a pen and the lid for these have a cone shaped inside so your 'tip' on the  pen always stays sharp and on point. And when i say waterproof it does come off with cleanser ha, feww!

my Sila eyebrow pen

my Stila liquid eyeliner :)

Good night bebes!

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