Saturday, 24 March 2012


hello there! my name is Marielle and i am new to the blog hosting business, but i hope to show you an awesome time in the world of Marielle that pretty much just involves clothing, family, friends, chai lattes and women ;)

so its a sunday morning and i am a tad hang over i ventured down to Fremantle last night with my friend Erin and roomie Tal.

We went to Mrs Browns which is located next to Mojos, a venue for live bands to play. Mrs Browns was so god dam cute! dimmed lights, odd chairs and tables every where, mellow music, and awesome red wine called Diggers Bluff Top Dog Shiraz (pretty sure i just brought it because of the name ha). 
perth defiantly needs more of these cute bars, no more clubs!

We then left Mrs Browns and went to Mojos for a friends EP, for a band called Dallas Royal. DR play mostly rock, not really my kind of music but it was good to see eery one having fun and rocking out to them.

All in all fun night!

Ciao bebes!

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