Wednesday, 28 March 2012

art work

I have been scouting out for some time now some really awesome art work for my bedroom. I keep coming back to the same illustrator i don't know her name but she has a blog called Tobacco & Leather. she is awesomely talented with her use of depth and eeriness that she portrays through her sketches, over time i have collected some of her work...

The above illustration is my favourite, it reminds me of all the personalities one human being can have inside them. Put all those personalities together and you have the one person, hence the middle face on the illustration  

Her pieces are beautiful




Abbey Lee Kershaw, my only one..


more booties

my ring collection to be as big as this ha

multiple lamptons 

style stalker leggings

awesome crew neck 




jewel my second one and only 

johnny and katy to be together again 

leggings and to be able to pull of that stance ha

studded arms

whole get up 

erin. :):):):):):

Monday, 26 March 2012


My Coco turned 21! aka Miss Hayley Bresland.

Hayley Bresland lord of my dog town...

Coco turned 21 on the 24th of this month but unfortunately due to work i couldn't make it down to Dunsbrorough to celebrate with her, but this saturday night its her p-a-r-ty! mmmmmmm fun!
So now i need some inspiration for an outfit, but i have promised my self that i would not buy any clothes or makeup this week, pinkie promised my self, high five to that! (having withdrawals already)
So for Coco's birthday im thinking Chambray and mini black velvet skirt perhaps...

i very found of this one ;)

Cant wait to give her, her gift!


My new goodies came today in the mail! i have been ordering my makeup from
and my god its cheap!
I have been crushing on the make up brand Stila.

Stila was founded by make up artist Jeanine Lobell who is famous for her artistry in music videos (so you know her makeup is going to stay on your face no matter what), her cosmetics also come in cute eco friendly packaging.
Jeanine Lobell

and below some of her awesome work!

i loveeee her contouring 

Any who, i received my Stila waterproof eyeliner pen in black and Stila waterproof eyebrow pen in for blonde brows, these awesome purchases look like a pen and the lid for these have a cone shaped inside so your 'tip' on the  pen always stays sharp and on point. And when i say waterproof it does come off with cleanser ha, feww!

my Sila eyebrow pen

my Stila liquid eyeliner :)

Good night bebes!